Unbelievable Wedding Tips to Help Plan your Wedding

Unbelievable Wedding Tips to Help Plan your Wedding

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Remember this special day isn’t just about you. It also involves your guests! Make sure you can accommodate their needs as well as your own. Planning a wedding can be very stressful, but if you hold on to these few amazing tips it can be an easy walk in the park! 

1. Plan for Mother Nature: Weddings that take place in the summer or spring usually mean two things, bugs and heat. If your wedding is outdoors many guests might leave early due to extreme weather and environment problems. If you invest in non-toxic pesticides bugs will be limited. Another great idea is having tents put up to shade your guests.

2. Get a Credit Card with Rewards: There are so many cards out there now that offer you flight points, free movie tickets or even free dinners at expensive restaurants. Weddings obviously aren’t cheap so if you invest in a credit card and put all the wedding expenses on it you will get compensated with tons of rewards! We highly suggest an airline credit card because that could save you money on your honeymoon!

3. Cut your Guest List: I know, I know this can be a hard thing to do. Your guest are more than half of the wedding! If you really think about it though you are wining and dining your guests and that can be pretty expensive. If you cut only 1 table for the reception you could save thousands!

4. Plan out Meals: This is something a lot of brides and grooms don’t know, you do have to feed the staff! Instead of planning for 20 extra guest plates, serve your crew a less expensive, but tasty meal. This will cut your budget down tremendously.

5. Have your bartender make Drinks in Bulk: Usually one bartender per 50 guests keeps the line at an all time minimum. If you have a signature drink you want to serve make sure your bartender makes it ahead of time so all he has to do is pour. The drinks won’t be sitting there for too long,  guests love their alcohol. This will help keep the line short and fast.

6. Choose Flowers in Season: There are various websites that have lists of flowers that are in bloom during the time of your wedding. The flowers will not only  cost substantially less, but you will also have a fresher set up!

7. Manage your Mail: A lot of post-offices offer different postage stamps. We suggest you order your stamps (after weighing your envelope) online at USPS.Com. This way you can have your perfect stamps! Just make sure to deliver them on time!

8. Make Sure Guests can See/Hear: For guests that are seat further back, they might not be able to see or hear as good as those tables up front. Make sure you spend the proper money on sound equipment to help accommodate them. Remember your guests are the most important part of the wedding.

9. Go Dress Shopping with Someone: Whether is be your mom, dad or even fiancé make sure you have someone with you during dress shopping. You need an honest person so that you know that the gown you’ve chosen looks good!

10. Keep a Paper Trail: You want to make sure all your vendors and contacts are going to follow through with their promises. If you keep receipts and paper work you will always know what you were promised!

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