Unique Engagement Rings for a Unique Bride

October is at its end, which means engagement season is coming on fast. If you’re planning to propose then you should already be on your search to find the right ring for the right girl. It’s stressful enough trying to find a ring for the traditional woman, but when it comes to finding one for a girl who’s a little more out of the box, you’re bound to pull out all of your hair. We are here to help – here are a few suggestions for unique engagement rings found on Etsy.

Unique Engagement Rings for a Unique Bride

Rough Diamond Ring: Specimental Designs, an Etsy vendor, uses 18K yellow gold and rough diamonds for their unique engagement rings. Women who choose this ring are looking for something unique rather than mass-produced.

Art Deco Ring: This art deco ring is an antique that dates back to the 1920s. It is effortlessly trendy and eye-catching, just like the woman who would wear it.

Guiding Star Ring: The Guiding Star ring is made from 18K gold alloy and conflict-free diamonds. This ring is for a bride who is classy, creative, and free spirited. With this ring you are getting an elegant handmade piece with a personal touch.

Anemone Bud Ring: These rings are made from 14K yellow gold and emeralds. The twig in this ring is molded from a dogwood branch that was found near where the creator’s family resides in Colorado, and the bud is molded from a real anemone plant from her garden. Eco-conscious brides who avoid being labeled and enjoy jewelry that stands out from classic engagement ring styles will opt to wear this ring. It is elegant and down-to-earth – perfect for a modern woman.  

Herkimer Diamond Ring: The Herkimer quartz diamond ring is gorgeous and affordable at $325. Each individual stone reflects the character of the woman wearing it and the minimal setting puts the spotlight on the hand picked gems.

Rose Gold Moissanite Ring: This gorgeous ring is made from recycled 14K rose gold and Moissanite stone. It is a high quality alternative to the typical diamond. 

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