Trending: Unique Wedding Jewelry

Trending: Unique Wedding Jewelry

Kim Kardasian Diamond HeadpieceSkip out on the traditional wedding jewelry this season and try something different. A wedding doesn’t have to be a serious ceremony to bond two people in love! Brides are now opting for a less habitual look. One of the biggest trend of 2013 is wearing a jewelry headpiece. Kim Kardasian’s sported a gorgeous diamond headpiece in her infamously luxurious wedding to Kris Humphreys.

With the release of The Great Gatsby in May 2013, the fashion world took a dramatic turn towards a more Art Deco style. Headpieces became more predominant. Nicole Richie, Kate Hudson and Vanessa Hudgens are a few celebrities that took this style and really went with it. This was an old tradition for Indian wedding ceremonies and was adapted into a part of America fashion. Frankly, we love it.

Wedding Foot Jewelry

Toe Thongs, is another unique piece now making an appearance in weddings. Like a sandal, the foot ensemble goes over the top of your foot and through the little crevice between your big toe and second toe (like a flip flop). This style is great for a beach wedding. Everyone knows how difficult it is to walk in the sand, wearing heels just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Skip the shoes and opt for a more comfortable and stylish look.

The last unique jewelry piece is obviously the belly chain. This has been seen on Rihanna numerous amounts of times! She wears them almost every time she is in a bathing suit. This is a very sexy and free-spirited item to wear. This is for the bride that plans on wearing a dress that shows some belly. It might seem odd, but more couples do it than you know about. Pamela Anderson got married in nothing but a white bikini to musician Kid Rock.

The great thing about all of these styled jewels is that they are easy to manipulate and make your own! They can also be inexpensive depending on what gems you decide to incorporate. These products are in such high demand you can find them almost every where!

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