Very Random Wedding Facts

Very Random Wedding Facts

Very Random Wedding Facts

Today is Friday, for most people that means all motivation is gone preparing for the weekend, for others it means pay day, but for us it means fun. We wanted to take the time out to drill your brain with some fun facts about weddings, diamonds and engagements! 

  • Did you know that only about 70% of people wear their engagement ring on their left ring finger? This tradition started in ancient Egypt where it was believed that your left finger had a direct artery that led to your heart. 
  • Many hate the rain on their wedding day and find it as bad luck, but actually in Hindu religion rain on your wedding day is good luck!
  • Why do women get carried over the threshold by the groom after the wedding? It is a ritual that is usually done because your groom is protecting you from the evil spirits below your feet.
  • Queen Elizabeth II beat out Queen Victoria by having the biggest wedding cake ever! She had 12 cakes, the one she cut was about 9 feet tall and weighed close to 500 pounds!
  • Why do we use diamonds for our engagement rings? Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, they are rare and symbolize pure and eternal love. So romantic!
  • Back during slavery times, when two slaves were to wed during the ceremony you could not say “until death do us part”. Why? Because slave masters had the ability to separate them.
  • The longest marriage was 91 years and 12 days.
  • The oldest bride was 102 years old from Australia, she married an 82 year old!
  • The longest engagement was between Octavio Guillen and Adriana Martinez, the engagement was 67 years!
  • The most expensive engagement ring is owned by Princess Salama in Dubai. It was given to her in May of 1981 and cost approximately 44 Million Dollars.
  • Can you guess how many weddings there are annually in the United States? Approximately 7,000 would be the correct answer.
  • The first Bachelor party was held in Sparta, it was to have a last celebration of being single.


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