Vintage Engagement Rings: Where to Look?

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English: diamond engagement ring in platinum – Maia Engagement Ring – from 1791 Diamonds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the most exciting times in anyone’s life is when they become engaged. Of course one of the most important parts of the engagement is choosing the right ring. Most likely this ring will be worn for years to come, serving as a symbol of love.

Vintage Engagement Rings: Where to Look?

Many people want a more unique ring than the designs available at the local jewelry store. Thus, there is a huge interest in vintage engagement rings. So, if you are considering the purchase of one of these rings, where should you look? Well, you have many options—each of which have benefits.

  • A pawn shop is a great place to look for vintage engagement rings. The selection may be limited, but the prices are often much better than dealing with a jeweler.
  • Some jewelry shops offer a selection of used and vintage rings. Buying from a jeweler gives you the benefit of knowing the jewel was checked and well cared for before you purchased it.
  • Shopping online for vintage engagement rings often gives you the best price; however, if you do not know who you are dealing with you run the risk of purchasing low-quality jewelry.

No matter where you shop, take some care and you can find a unique ring that will express your love for years to come.

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