Ways To Propose – Creative Ways to Give an Engagement Ring

Ways To Propose – Creative Ways to Give an Engagement Ring

There are some fun ways to ask your mate to marry you. Some are HUGE in scope, like this video gone viral of an insanely cool proposal!

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Many people have had the marriage proposal done in a baseball ball stadium, or football stadium where they have the proposal written on the message board at the game, or in a movie theater you can run an ad that plays before a movie you are going to see. There are some more private ways to become engaged that are fun and creative.

Here are some of my favorite “little” things you can do.

  1. If you live together or you will be spending the night together you can write will you marry me on the ceiling in glow in the dark paint or stick on letters. When the lights go off you can slip the ring on her finger, be sure there is some light so that it can reflect off the ring’s brilliance.
  2. If she is an animal lover and has a dog or cat put a note on the collar with the proposal and have her call the animal she will read the note and make sure you are there with the ring.
  3. Spell it out in magnets on the fridge so she sees it in the morning.
  4. Put the ring in the coffee cup that she uses in the morning.

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