3 Different Ways to Wear Your Engagement Ring

3 Different Ways to Wear Your Engagement Ring

Traditions are being broken with every new year we step in to. In the past engagement rings and wedding bands were always worn on the left ring finger. Why? The ancient Egyptians had a theory that there was an artery in your left ring finger that led exactly to your heart. In current times we are starting to build our own traditions instead of following those from people before us.

3 Different Ways of Wearing Your Engagement RingThe first way of wearing your engagement ring is ditching the “wearing it on a finger” look and putting the diamond or ring on a necklace. If you are just using a wedding band it looks like a traditional circle pendant. If you have a big rock we suggest just setting it into a pendant. If you’re thinking this is a lot of work it really isn’t any jeweler can have it done for you in less than a week! Depending on the jeweler you go to they will clean it free of charge as well!

The second way of wearing your ring, which we are obsessed with currently is putting your wedding band on your right hand ring finger. Did you know that in many European countries such as Germany the women wear wedding rings on their right hand? The thing we love about this look is that it gives attention to the wedding band. It gives a positive affect on your hands as well. It appears that you have more jewelry on when you separate the rings.

The last thing we suggest doing with your engagement/wedding ring is put it in a locket. This is3 Different Ways to Wear Your Engagement Ring much like wearing your ring as a necklace, but this way you don’t have to manipulate the ring, or have it show. The whole point of this is to have the ring always with you and of course closer to your heart, but make sure no one see’s it. A benefit for this could be drawing less attention to yourself and making crime less of an issue.

Whether it be a pendant, switching hands or concealing your ring make sure you do it with style! For more engagement ring news, trends and facts check out more of our blog at Engagement Ring Gurus.

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