Would You Wear A Birthstone Engagement Ring? Part 3

 birthstone engagement ringsWell, here it is. The last installment of choosing birthstone engagement rings 101.  By now we’ve explored the new trend where women are taking a different approach when it comes to choosing the center stone for their beloved engagement ring. While diamonds remain the front-runner, birthstones are starting to catch the attention of many.

Birthstone engagement rings offer an exclusive and personalized aura.  Not only that, birthstone rings offer more options to customize your ring without breaking the bank.  We’ve learned about the first eight months’ birthstones so far and what they symbolize.  We’ve also checked out so really beautiful rings to go along with each month.  In part 3 of “Would You Wear A Birthstone Engagement Ring?” we’ll explore the last four months in the year – September, October, November and December.  Which unique ring fits your style and personality?

September – Sapphire

Rich, deep blue Sapphire is the birthstone of September.  Although this deep blue is the most desired version of Sapphire, it is also present in nearly every color, such as yellow, pink and green.  Believed to represent trust and loyalty, there’s no doubt you won’t fall in love with this royal birthstone that pairs beautifully with accent diamonds and polished white gold.

 birthstone engagement rings

October – Opal

Gorgeous and unique Opal, October’s birthstone.  The word “opal” comes from the Greek word “Opallos”, which means “to see a range of color”.  You won’t have to worry about ensuring your engagement ring is unique and one of a kind when choosing a birthstone like Opal for your center stone.

 birthstone engagement rings

November – Citrine

November babies are lucky with getting two options for their birthstone.  Citrine and Topaz.  Since Topaz is most popular for it’s rich orange imperial color, we choose to feature Citrine.  The Citrine gem is known to be associated with the sun and it’s healing powers.  This beautiful warm orange gemstone pairs perfectly with a sleek and polished white gold engagement ring setting.

 birthstone engagement rings

December – Turquoise

Last but not least, Turquoise is the birthstone of December.  Turquoise gemstones feature a unique and special blue tone that makes it perfect for the month associated with winter.

 birthstone engagement rings


We hope you all enjoyed this series of “Would You Wear A Birthstone Engagement Ring?”  Which month’s birthstone engagement rings were your favorite?  Would you consider choosing a birthstone over a diamond for your engagement ring?


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