Which Wedding Band is for You?

Which Wedding Band is for You?

Which Wedding Band is for You?So you want to buy a wedding band for the special day that is arising. Many people assume that the wedding band is one of the easier purchases for the wedding, but in fact it is one of the hardest. Finding a band ring that compliments your engagement ring and matches your significant other can be quite complex! Find out which ring is perfect for you here!

1. The Thin Pave Set Diamond Wedding Band: This is for the simple bride, not too much bling. This type of band ring usually fits best with an engagement ring that has a thin pave shank. Usually measuring 1 millimeter with very micro sized round brilliant diamonds is the exact design of this type of ring. Worn by itself is quite beautiful as well. This type of ring is for the elegant, timid and quaint bride. There are matching mens rings you can buy, but because of its subtle beauty, the thin pave set diamond wedding band can match well with a simple plain mens ring.

2. The Curved Wedding Band: This wedding band should be made custom, or if you’re lucky you can find a curved that fits your engagement ring perfect. The reason for curved engagement rings is the fact that they hug your engagement ring (usually for halo set or solitaire). The ring style blends both rings to have them combine to form one gorgeous jewelry piece on your wedding finger. Like the thin pave band ring, this ring can match a mens plain wedding ring just fine.

3. The Eternity Band: For the blinged out bride, this is a very fancy, top of the line wedding band ring.  Your man has to have some diamonds in his wedding band to match your ring! The eternity band ring usually consists of larger diamonds prong set into a band mounting. This ring really plays up your diamond engagement ring. One of the fabulous things about this ring is it can be worn by itself and still play up your hand!

4. Simple Band Ring: No diamonds, no fancy prongs, just a band ring. This is one of the most gorgeous rings because of its simplicity. You can match this ring with almost anything, especially your future husband. A lot of men prefer a simple ring, so being able to perfectly match is a beautiful thing.

5. Gemstone Wedding Band Ring: Are you different than most brides? Do you find wearing just diamonds is boring? This means you need some color in your life! Try getting a gemstone band ring. The ring displayed in the image above is both diamond and sapphire stones. This gives enough color without overdoing it. Some brides want all gemstone because gemstone engagement rings are trending, so there are full gemstone rings that you can buy. If your future husband doesn’t want gemstones covering his wedding ring, just make it simple and have one bezel set gemstone mounted into the ring.

6. Thick Pave Diamond Wedding Band Ring: This is a statement piece, if you are a show-offy bride this is the ring for you. The Thick pave should be worn with a thin band engagement ring. You don’t want too thick of jewelry on your finger because then it looks very awkward. A similar band would look great on your future hubby, the thicker band is more masculine.

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