Wedding Bands: Eternity vs. Non-eternity

eternity vs non eternity wedding bandsTaking a slight break from engagement rings today to discuss diamond eternity bands vs. non-eternity diamond bands.

Normally, when it comes to choosing the rings for your big day, engagement ring is the first that comes to mind. By that point you’ve gathered engagement ring photos for your own inspiration, but what about your wedding band?

There are two types of diamond wedding bands: eternity wedding band vs non-eternity wedding band. Well what does eternity band even mean technically, right?  A wedding band is considered to be an eternity band because it has a continuous line of diamonds that wraps around the entire ring.  These diamond rings are said to be symbolic of never-ending love.

So what’s the real difference between eternity bands vs non-eternity?  Let’s find out.

eternity vs non eternity wedding bands

Money Talks

Diamond eternity bands scream major bling-bling! Perhaps the big diamond look is what can be accredited to it’s gain in popularity over the last decade.  However, diamond eternity bands are not cheap.  When you think about it, it’s really easy to understand: more diamond = more money.  Before shopping for your wedding bands do some online research (this will help any after shock you may experience when visiting the jewelry store and seeing the price tag).

Also, most of the time you when someone’s looking at your hand they can only see the front view profile. Which means, it’s really up to you if you want to spend the extra money for a full circle of diamonds.  Be careful with the way they fit as well.  Try on different eternity band options, for example round cut eternity bands, emerald cut eternity bands, princess cut eternity bands.  The size and amount of diamonds in an eternity band will also play into how it fits on your finger.

For the ladies who go big or go home!  You’ll probably find yourself rocking the eternity band without your engagement ring for an alternative look.

eternity vs non eternity wedding bands

Size Matters

This is something you might not have been expecting, but it’s important!  We all come in different shapes and sizes, including our phalanges.  Some days we may find our hands and fingers more swelled up than usual, or maybe you’re planning to get pregnant and you will of course anticipating putting on some healthy baby pounds.

What does this have to do with diamond eternity bands?  Eternity bands cannot be sized once they are set!  This is an important note to take.  Whatever size you buy your diamond eternity band in is what you’re stuck with, for eternity.

On the other hand if you opt for the half diamond wedding band, no problem.  You have a flexibility with a regular half diamond band that you don’t get with eternity bands.  Need to resize your half diamond ring?  Simple.

eternity vs non eternity wedding bands

Wear & Tear

Most of us know that diamonds are the hardest substance in our world.  Diamonds can’t even be scratched unless it is by another diamond.  However, they can be chipped.  Being that we use our hands on an everyday basis, sometimes more than others depending on your job, some women are shocked to find out their flawless diamond ring has a big chip missing.

Keep this in mind when deciding if you want to take the eternity band route over the half diamond band. Eternity bands are known for frequently getting damaged due to overuse.  More times than not, women find themselves having to overhaul and get their eternity band maintenanced after about 5 years.

eternity vs non eternity wedding bands

Which route will you decide to take?  Let us know & Happy Hunting!

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