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Every girl has some kind of ideal wedding dress that they have been dreaming off since their childhood, whether its the classic wedding topper dress, or the sultry sexy dress with the back cut out, each women’s envisions of the perfect wedding dress is completely unique to her. With thousands of styles, designers and variations of wedding dresses out their, how could you ever possibly narrow it down to one? Before you go gallivanting off into the sunset in search of your perfect wedding dress, you may want to map out a plan to help guide you all the the way to finding get your dream dress without the hassle!

Wedding Dress 101


This is possibly one of the biggest factors that goes into shopping for your wedding dress. If you aren’t looking to spend $16,000 on your dress then don’t waste your time trying on dresses in that price range. Set a budget for yourself and do everything possible to stick to it. Like I said before there are thousands of wedding dresses out there, it may seem like you cant find it right away but be sure to keep an open mind about it and it will be sure to find its way to you. Keep in mind, that any alterations, your shoes, your veil, any jewelery, hair and make up will add up quick. So if you start with a lower budget, you may be able to save money later on when all the other expenses come flooding in.

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The Earlier the Better

Shockingly when we did our research we came to find that many brides are unaware that when shopping for their wedding dress, it can take up six to eight months to get their gown, and that’s only if your decisive. If you are one of those women who needs “a few days to think it over” (aka a picky shopper) you may want to start shopping for your dress ten months in advance. That is why we advise the earlier the better, it will give you a wider range of dresses as well as grace time for any alterations or custom designs you may add. If you want the perfect wedding dress, keep in mind that you are going to need plenty of time, such a delicate gown should not be rushed! Also be aware of the time of the week you are shopping for your dress, you may want to schedule an appointment on a Tuesday morning rather then Saturday afternoon where it could be very busy. A calm store ensures better service as well as more options available. When it comes to planning your big day you will want to be sure that all attention is on you, and not five other brides to be who are waiting for the same dress. Do yourself a favor, call ahead before going to the bridal store so you can shop during the least busiest times.

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 Trust Your Gut….

You may be stuck on the notion that you will loose 25 pounds before your big day, so when it comes to your fitting you keep reassuring yourself and everyone else you will be smaller. But do not, I repeat do not size your dress based on the weight you think you are going to be. Your weight may change but that doesn’t mean your body shape will; you can always alter your dress a size down, but you cant make it bigger. Other then sizing be sure to trust your gut instincts when it comes to choosing your gown. You may take your friends and families advise in high regards, but they are not going to be the one walking down the isle. You are. So if your dress isn’t screaming “Wear me on your big day” then you probably should rethink that one. When you cross paths with your perfect dress you will know right away, you wont want to wear anything else ever again!

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