Wedding Etiquette: Who Pays?

Wedding Etiquette: Who Pays?

Wedding Etiquette: Who Pays?

Planning a wedding doesn’t just stop at a wedding. You have to plan the bridal shower, the engagement dinner, rehearsal dinner, publish announcements of becoming engaged and of course the wedding reception. So whats the deal? Does the brides father still pay for all of the above, or are things split down the middle?

The Wedding: Many people in current days believe that the couple should pay for their own wedding ceremony. It is their wedding after all! It is okay to accept money from your parents as well because naturally they will probably want to pitch in.

The Engagement Dinner or Party: This is usually done more traditionally. The brides parents will throw the bride and husband to be an engagement party or dinner. This can be as fancy or casual it just depends on the couple and the family! The purpose of an engagement party is so that friends and distant family can be more well acquainted before the reception and ceremony.

The Rehearsal Dinner: Traditionally the grooms parents plan and pay for the rehearsal dinner. Usually the rehearsal dinner consists of half of the guests invited (if it is a small wedding) or it should be the bridal and groom party. This dinner is kind of like the last hora before the chaos.

The Reception: This is the party part of the wedding. This is probably the most expensive part of the whole entire wedding. There has to be beautiful centerpieces, flowers, decorations, food drinks, etc. The list is endless. Usually the brides parents are responsible for this expense.

Engagement Announcements: This isn’t typically done with every engagements, but some families to want to spread the word of a new marriage. The Groom’s parents are responsible for any wedding announcements being published. If there is family that lives out of town this is a good way of spreading the word before invitations go out!

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