20 Random Wedding Facts

20 Random Wedding Facts

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20 Random Wedding Facts

2. The Penan Nomads (from Borneo) don’t believe a woman has any type of soul until she gets married.

3. 40% of men help with the wedding plans. Also a shocking number, 3 out of 4 men actually help pick out gifts for a wedding registry.

4. During the Middle Ages, the ritual that had to be done was kiss over a wedding cake to give good luck.

5. Seen in movies such as Borat, a weird ritual that is performed in Afghanistan is that when a man wants to marry a woman he cuts off locks of her hair and puts a sheet over her head.

6. If a woman has a yellow wedding dress that usually symbolizes that she will be unfaithful to her husband.

7. The most popular months to  get married happen to be June and August.

8. The purpose of flower girls is to pave a way of flowers for the bride to help guide her to a sweet and plentiful future.

9. There is no law that states you have to take the grooms last name. 70% of women just do it because of tradition.

10. Ancient Egyptians believed the third finger on the left hand was said to have a vein that connects to your heart.

11. An average guest list for a wedding in the United States is approximately 175 guests.

12. Women are usually carried over the threshold as a ritual to ward off all evil and protect her from spirits.

13. In the Ancient Times, ripping off a piece of the brides wedding dress was a sign of good luck.

14. It is on average that $72 Billion dollars is spent on wedding in the United States alone!!

15. Early Roman brides carried garlic and herbs under their veils to symbolize fertility and fidelity. Modern day times that is known as a bouquet.

16. The veil is said to ward off evil eye and spirits.

17. Queen Victoria’s wedding cake was 3 yards long and approximately weighed 300 pounds!

18. In Great Britain it used to be a ritual to kiss a chimney sweeper as good luck before a wedding. The chimney sweeper was said to sweep away all bad spirits.

19. White wedding dresses originated during the Victorian Era. The white was for modesty and purity.

20. Puritans banned wedding rings because they were a frivolous form of jewelry.

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