Wedding Guest Etiquette – 6 Sure Fire Ways a Guest Can Ruin Your Day

Wedding Guest Etiquette

6 Sure Fire Ways a Guest Can Ruin Your Day

The day have finally arrived for you to marry the love of your life, so of course your wedding will go off without a hitch, right? Not necessarily. We’ve all heard the horror stories of disruptive, rude, clueless guests – here are some things you need to watch out for.

Speak Up During the Ceremony

Nobody wants to hear “Are you sure?” or “Don’t do it!” during your wedding ceremony. But, believe it or not, people actually do voice their opinion at the wrong times. Guests should know that if they really think there’s a good reason you two shouldn’t be together, that it needs to be said privately BEFORE the wedding day, not at the altar.

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Taste Test the Cake

Yes, guests actually do this, as rude as it is! Not only is it unsanitary, but your paid a heck of a lot of money for that cake, so you should be the only one handling it! If they can’t be around your cake without touching it, they should stay far, far away.

Wear White

On your wedding day, YOU should be the only person wearing white! No one cares if that cute white sundress is the only things that fits your guest right in their closet – people just shouldn’t wear white to someone else’s wedding. This is your day to be a vision in white and no one else. The other color that guests should steer clear of? Bright red. You don’t want the wedding to look like an episode of Jersey Shore!You should be the only one in the spotlight.

The Roast Toast

Don’t let the roast get out of hand! You don’t want something like Clint Eastwood Speech at the RNC to happen! Beware of those daring individuals who have tossed back a little too much alcohol. Once a mic lands in their hand, they think anything goes – that means everyone is going to know all of your not so PG-rated stories from college. Let your guests who are speaking know that if they wouldn’t feel comfortable telling their grandmother the speech, then it’s not worthy of your wedding reception.

Spill Anything on the Bride

You spent an arm and a leg on that gorgeous wedding dress. An although you may only wear it once, you sure don’t want anything spilled on it! This is one of the worst mistakes a guest can make. Do your best to steer clear of someone holding red wine – it could just put a damper on your night.

Tell the DJ to Change the Music

It’s your wedding. You are the one who planned everything. You chose the food, the décor and the music. GUESTS DO NOT HAVE CONTROL OF THE MUSIC. Unless you let guests know ahead of time that the band or DJ is accepting requests, they should just hit the dance floor and bust a move without giving their two cents about the music choices.

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