Wedding Insurance: Yay? or Nay?

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What exactly is “wedding insurance“, well its exactly what it sounds like, insurance for if your wedding if it doesn’t go exactly according to plan. No one wants to think about a potential disaster or god forbid cold feet when it comes to your wedding day, but the awful truth is disaster can strike. Wether its a damaged wedding gown or stolen gifts, wedding insurance can protect you from the unforeseen future of your big day. But how does it work exactly? Many couples believe that if they purchase wedding insurance they are opening the door for a potential cancellation. However its a great way to protect your investment from circumstances that are completely beyond their control.


Basically your wedding day is going to be full of chaos and frantic stress until  you get a couple glasses of wine, usually that will calm your nerves. Every expects their wedding day to go perfectly according to plan, but the truth is, that rarely ever happens. As humans we are prone to making mistakes, we aren’t perfect. So potential for mistakes during your big day is definitely possible. Maybe the grooms custom-made tuxedo gets lost in the airport, or your reception venue catches fire and burns down. These extreme cases are the types of major financial losses that wedding insurance will be there to cover.


Is the insurance worth it? We vote YES! The cost of the basic insurance policy that will cover the loss of videos, photos, attire, wedding rings, costs anywhere from $150 to $550 depending on the coverage you choose. This will cover general liability up to 1,000,000 for any accidents that may occur. Depending on the insurer you choose to go with they will go over exactly what will be covered. What a deal!

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But when should you get wedding insurance? Well the sooner the better! If you decided to put down a deposit on a venue and they end up closing your insurance company will remembrance you the deposit you put down on the venue. Be sure to check with your venue and get a copy of their policy to review with your insurance company. Most wedding insurance companies will cover the basics, however it varies from plan to plan and company to company. Most companies cover weather disasters that prevent the bride, groom, any wedding party members, or guests from attending, they will reschedule the ceremony and the details that come along with it. However they will not cover a change of heart aka cold feet. That is just unethical.


Every insurance company and policy is different, as well as each wedding is different. Be sure to discuss with your spouse the pros and cons of wedding insurance, although we think it is a great safety net, it may not be the best choice for you. Remember to do your research and you can find the best plan for you! But no matter what enjoy your planning and most of all your big day!

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