Wedding Planning – 6 Tips for New Grooms to Help Your Bride

Wedding Planning – Grooms! Don’t just focus on your bachelor party!

Men – yes, you popped the question, but the hard work doesn’t end there. Don’t leave your bride to all the dirty work – you should chip in and give her a hand! Here’s what you can do to help.

1. Have an Opinion

Help with the planning. You don’t need to help with flower bouquets or anything, but insert your opinion on some of the major things. What food would you like? Do you want a band or a DJ? It’s your wedding, too, so you may want to know what’s going on before you just show up to it!

2. Help with the Wedding Registry

Yes, this might just seem like tedious work, but if you really think about it, you’re picking out things that you like that people just might buy for you! Pretty cool, right? What guy doesn’t want home electronics or power tools?

3. Cut Her Some Slack

Your future wife is probably going crazy with an overload of wedding planning, so how about making sure she doesn’t have a breakdown? Cook her dinner one night, do the dishes, watch her favorite movie with her. Remind her why all of this planning is worth the stress she’s feeling.

4. Get Some Help

Has the stress really gotten to your fiancé? Maybe you should hire a wedding planner for your wedding day. They will handle all of the little details that nobody else wants to mess with. It will be a huge relief having a wedding planner on hand.

5. Don’t Add Insult

The love of your life is dealing with enough people voicing their opinions and giving her “constructive criticism.” Don’t add on to that. Be there for her, listen to her, comfort her. She needs it.

6. Get Sentimental

Make your future wife feel special. On the big day, send her flowers, a gift, or just a cute little note. Any stress that she was feeling will all of the sudden disappear, even if it’s just for a second. Do this and she will love you even more!

And whatever you do, get her the PERFECT wedding ring! We have blogs in here to help with that!

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