Wedding Ring Alternatives

Maybe your girl wants something besides a glimmering diamond engagement ring. Maybe you are against the symbolic act of ownership that a wedding ring can represent, as that was its original intent. Or maybe you just simply want to try something different. Either way, there are several different wedding ring alternatives to choose from.


  • Tree Planting — Plant a tree and then propose to your loved on there. You can continue to visit this tree, which is a reminder of how strong your love is and how much it has grown.
  • Adopt a Pet — This is truly a commitment, as getting an animal together allows you to work together for the common good of another life.
  • Pendant — Create a pendant to wear around your neck as an alternative to a ring that still makes a beautiful fashion statement.

No matter what your reasoning for choosing an alternative to a traditional wedding ring and band, as long as you and your partner are on the same page, you will start your own tradition that you will love. These options are all just as meaningful as a traditional diamond engagement ring, and represent just as much commitment.

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