Wedding Superstitions That Need to be Squashed


Ever wondered why we continue to support silly wedding traditions due to superstitions? Surprisingly there are many traditions that we participate in unknowingly due to superstitions that have evolved over time. A lot of these old customs have stemmed from stories from ancient tales from Roman times. Although some traditions are so old, they cant be traced back. Many of these superstitions are related to culture and beliefs based on the past weddings, most, if not all, are practiced to ensure a lasting marriage, good health and prosperity. For the most part, these traditions or superstitions are fun to be apart of, however there are some that we feel need to be squashed and reinvented with a new tradition of your own.

Stunning Bride

The Brides Veil

A tradition that comes from Rome that is as old as time, the brides veil. It is to be worn to cover the brides face to confuse any bad spirits that may be lurking about who may cause mischief due to jealousy. The bridesmaids are said to be there to comfort the bride, as well as to confuse any evil spirits from who the bride may be. When the veil is lifted, it is a symbol of the bride being passed down from her fathers loving arms into her new husband’s. We love this tradition! Spice up your veil with some beautiful lace or flowers to add your own spin to an old tradition!

Groom seeing his beautiful bride for the first time!

Seeing Each Other Before the Wedding

This age old superstition dates back to when marriages were prearranged. People thought that if you were to see your fiance before the wedding it would give you more of a chance to change your mind and call off the wedding. Our take on this is this superstition is it is utter nonsense. Today seeing your bride to be before the ceremony is fairly common. It gives you two the time to see each other, (the first look can be emotional) take it all in, and a perfect photo opportunity. Many couples will write a love letter to one another before the “I do’s”. Ugh so sweet I could just melt!

Its love!

Carrying the Bride Over the Threshold

This superstition stemmed from a Medieval European tradition, where many believed that the brides feet were a special point of entrance for evil spirits to enter. They believed that the soles of her feet were vulnerable after the ceremony especially for bad and jealous spirits. Thus came the tradition of  the groom carrying his new bride over the threshold or home. We support this tradition and find it to be romantic and timeless!

Good luck Rain on your wedding Day!

Rain on Your Wedding Day

Many people have different opinions on if rain on your wedding day is an omen for good luck or bad luck. The origins behind each side of the superstitions may give you a better idea on how to take the rain on your wedding day. In different cultures rain can represent many things, many of which include fertility, cleansing, unity, renewal, and tears. However you take the rain, put a positive spin on your superstition. Studies show that rain on your wedding day actually represents good luck rather then bad. It also gives you a chance to have fun with your wedding photos, and your guests can have fun with it too!

Whether its the weather or the brides veil that can get your superstitions high on your wedding day, don’t let your superstitions ruin your big day, and lastly remember that what makes a marriage last is your eternal love!

Our love will set fire to the rain!

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