Crazy Wedding Tricks you’d Never Think of

Crazy Wedding Tricks you’d Never Think of

Its days before your wedding and you cant figure out what beauty tricks to do to keep your face and skin flawless!

Ever Heard of Singo?

Ever Heard of Singo? A natural floral scrub

On the island of Zanzibar there is an all natural floral scrub known as singo that keeps skin looking soft and smooth. The ingredients include fresh jasmine, ylang ylang flowers, rose petals, mpatchori, geranium, sweet basil, sandalwood and more! Besides keeping skin at its all time best, the product also smells decadent! This product is recommended by Elizabeth Tanzi MD for brides with very sensitive skin.

Crave Thick Hair?

Want Thick Hair? Use Aloe

We all want it, but how do we get it? Every bride wants thick luscious hair and most products on the market can’t give you the results you need. Here’s a little Filipino secret, aloe leaves. Start by breaking the leaves in half and massage the gelly liquid into your scalp. Besides totally fortifying your hair follicles and leaving it absolutely breathtaking, the aloe leaves speed up hair growth. “Enzymes in the aloe break down dead skin cells blocking the hair follicles and restore the pH balance of the scalp for optimal growth,” said Megan Garmers founder of MG Hair and Makeup.

Exfoliation Heaven or Hell…

Natural Volcanic Ash Scrub

If you plan on having your wedding in Hawaii or are just there on vacation take a look into volcanic ash exfoliation. Some of the dormant volcanoes on the islands released ash that still remains high in potassium, calcium and sulfur. The great thing about about this natural product is that it is an anti-inflammatory. Flaring up before your wedding is a brides worst nightmare, maintain your body with this glorious scrub.

Irish Seaweed Moisturizer

Irish Seaweed is Good for You!

Irish brides have the softest skin and its not only because of the moisture in the air! An irish seaweed is the up and coming product for skin care. With its organic blends this mixture helps keep irritated, dry and cracking skin soft and luscious! If you don’t want to rub pure algae on you (which in Ireland they do) there are many cream products on the market you can purchase.

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