Weighing Your Options with Platinum and Titianium

As you search for a wedding band for your man, you have to consider the kind of metal that should be used that is right for your man. The two metals that are most typical among wedding bands are platinum and titanium, but before you make your decision, there are some benefits and downfalls you need to consider for each.

Weighing Your Options with Platinum and Titianium

Platinum: This is a white metal and is one of the most expensive of all of the metals. This is for good reason, though, considering it is incredibly durable and strong. Platinum rings are typically a good investment and can be handed down from generation to generation. However, platinum doesn’t offer much variety at all when it comes to color. Also, although it is such a durable metal, it’s actually not completely unbreakable. Over time, the metal can eventually bend or dent, and because it is a little pricy, replacing it or fixing it could hurt your wallet.

Titanium: This is the hardest naturally occurring metal in the world. Not only is it incredibly strong, but it’s also very light, less than platinum and gold, making it incredibly comfortable to wear as a wedding band. For people who use their hands often as they work, this is a great metal to consider for a wedding band because it is extremely resistant to dents and scratches, making it great for every day wear. Titanium can be any color that you’d like it to be, unlike platinum and is more readily available than platinum, making it significantly less expensive. A downside to titanium, though, is because it is so hard, is unable to be sized. This means if you gain a few pounds over the holidays, that ring is going to be fitting tight and there isn’t anything you can do but get a whole new ring.

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