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Welcome to Engagement Ring Gurus. This site was put here just for you – the viewer. On engagement ring gurus we want to make sure you not only find the latest trending engagement rings, but are also all caught up with who is engaged and just all knowledge on the engagement world!

This is the engagement ring gurus home page! Welcome to Engagement Ring Gurus! We are not only a blog about engagement rings, we are more like Gurus for everything wedding, style and jewelry! Our mission is to get you well acquainted with different engagement ring styles, smart ways to shop for a diamond and of course give you the scoop on the latest celebrity engagements.

Are you Getting Ready to Tie the Knot?

There are so many details that go into planning for a wedding. You have to keep in mind how you plan on purposing, what type of engagement ring you want to buy, even what type of wedding band! It may seem like a simplistic idea, but you have to have good knowledge on

If you are on the fence of whether your proposal idea is cute or corny, we will have links and articles about what women want in their proposal. We will also have some facts about diamonds and ways to figure out her ring size! There are great things coming and experienced writers to get that knowledge to you!

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to shoot us an email at Rlj455@gmail.com. We do check this address avidly and want to hear some feedback or even a fun engagement or wedding story!

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