What Style Wedding Band Complements Your Engagement Ring?

Your engagement ring and wedding band should complement each other, but sometimes it’s hard to find ones that go together. Here are a couple of ideas to help you in your search.

Simple Solitaire – This style ring is the most versatile to match with a wedding band. However, placing a simple solitaire next to a thin pavé diamond band will give it a little extra sparkle.

Pavé Band – Whether your engagement ring features an eternity or half-eternity diamond band, a simple gem-free wedding band will allow your ring to be the head-turner.

Three-Stone – Pair your three-stone engagement ring with a band that has gemstones cut similarly.

Colored Stone – If your engagement ring features a colored center stone, why not choose a wedding band that also has that gem? A band that alternates between colored and white gemstones is the best way to incorporate the stone without competing with your engagement ring.

Unusual Shape – These increasingly popular unique rings need a band that will complement the curves of the engagement ring.

Stand-Out Design – For a ring that really catches everyone’s attention, opt for a band that is equally as attention grabbing to wear on your right hand instead.

Modern – Don’t let people overlook your modern engagement ring because of some elaborate wedding band. Instead, choose a wedding band that’s sleek and minimal, like the Cartier wedding band shown above.

Vintage – Vintage-inspired rings tend to be intricate with decorations and engraving, so it is best to pair this with a wedding band that highlights you favorite element of your engagement ring, like engraved flowers.

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