What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

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The appropriate attire to a wedding is a must. The confusing thing about summer wedding’s are that no one really knows what color scheme to stick to and what style dresses to buy. Depending on the location (if it is an inside event or outside) can have an impact on the attire. Another thing to keep in mind is the summer fashion colors are now out and posted on various websites. It is a mixture of base colors such as beige, cool colors like blues, and of course warm colors like orange and red.


Whether the wedding is inside or out we would recommend a mid-length dress. A bright color such as yellows and oranges are good colors for a summer wedding. Our favorite is mixing all the summer colors in a fun floral designed dress.  Pick a fabric that is easy to breathe in if the ceremony you are planning on attending is outdoors. Chiffon is a good material it is cool and sheer and is extremely light weight. If you want your dress more loose-fit than form fitting another fabric would be the batiste fabric. This is a more light cotton material.


This is a pretty basic, yet important part of any outfit. Whatever shoes you plan on wearing will change the outfit for the better or worse. If you plan on wearing an orange or a yellow dress pick out some choose that are in the warm color scheme. For example if you are wearing orange try and stick to a gold toned shoe. A floral dress is the easiest to match with shoes because you can basically pick any color in the dress and make a shoe out of it.

The style shoe depends on whatever feels right for you. Strappy shoes or pumps are probably the most popular styles that can be universally worn with anything.


Keep it simple. You never want to over-do the brides outfit. We would suggest some floral stud earrings. You can choose from any of the fashion colors. Yellow gold bangle bracelets are in style right now so make sure you grab a pair of those! To tie the outfit together where a cute yellow gold headband and a beige Chanel inspired (or real Chanel) flapbag.

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