What Was Trending in the Engagement World During 2013

What Was Trending in the Engagement World During 2013

Engagement Ring Trends of 2013! Take a Look!

As 2013 comes to a close we are feeling nostalgic and looking back on all the good trends that have come forth this year, especially in the engagement world.

1. Celebrity Engagements

More celebrities became engaged this year than last, 31 to be exact. Stars like Pippa Middleton, Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, Adam Brody, Scarlett Johansson, Ashley Tisdale and more! Throughout the year we watched fabulous bling being put on the left ring finger and gorgeous weddings unfold before our eyes. Kim Kardashian set the record for getting divorced, re-engaged and having a baby all in the same year!

2. Big Bling

Celebrities have set the bar very high for the average american. The standard diamond size for an engagement ring is usually a carat or less. The media has covered celebrities getting engaged with massive rocks that average over 8 carats! With the economy in an uphill battle you would think American’s would settle for the smaller ring bling, but no. It is not only a ring anymore, it is a fashion statement.

3. White Gold & Platinum

With the release of The Great Gatsby, Art Deco and Vintage Style jewelry is a must for the year 2013. Vintage is back! Everything vintage is white gold and platinum! Say goodbye to yellow gold and say hello to white! Yellow is being pushed out and considered “old fashion”.

4. The Halo Setting

This is probably our favorite trend of 2013. Everyone wants to get their hands on a halo set engagement ring. If you have been locked in a closet all year and don’t know what a halo setting for an engagement ring is, it basically is a precious metal band plastered with diamonds that encircle a main stone (preferably a diamond). The halo setting gives emphasis to the main diamond and gives off the look of being larger. Many celebs like Ashley Tisdale, Naya Rivera and Kaley Cuoco were proposed to this year with a Halo set ring!

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