What You Should Know About Diamond Certification Labs

What You Should Know About Diamond Certification Labs

What You Should Know About Diamond Certification Labs

There are 6 laboratories that grade gemstones and diamonds. Those are GIA, IGI, AGS, EGL, EGLI and GSI. These labs exist so that a person knows the true information about their stone. There are some people out there that will enhance the truth about the color and clarity of their diamond so that it will sell better on the market. If there is documentation it has come from any of these 6 labs you can know they are telling you the honest truth about the gem. Lets individually go through each laboratory to show you which is probably the most accurate and trusted diamond grader.

GIA Gemological Institute of America

  • GIA has been a diamond grading system since the 1930’s. It is considered the benchmark which all other diamond graders are compared. It is the best of the best, but also the most strict when it comes to telling you the fate of your diamond.
  • Created the 4 C’s Grading System. For those of you who do not know the four c’s it simply stands for the four main criteria points for determining the characteristics of your diamond. Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat Weight.
  • GIA is the most consistent lab as well as the leading lab of its kind
  • Really Strict on scaling its diamonds and gems

IGI International Gemological Institute 

  • IGI was established in 1975 and has the oldest gem laboratory in diamond capital of the world, Antwerp. 
  • This lab tends to grade the diamond color with less strictness, the clarity is also graded loosely.
  • IGI is very consistent with its grading reports
  • The International Gemological Institute has laboratories in every diamond capital in the world and then some.

AGS American Gem Society

  • AGS was founded by a small group of jewelers in 1934. One of those is Robert M. Shipley himself (grandfather of modern gemology). Over 3,500 retailers, suppliers and jewelers are affiliated with AGS and use their grading reports!
  • They have their own scale for the cut of a stone. It is ranged from 0-9.
  • Nearly exact to the standards of GIA. AGS has a wonderful reputation with being consistent with their reports.
  • 1996 opened first diamond grading lab to ensure full disclosure to diamond owners

GSI Gemological Science International

  • GSI is located in one of the main diamond capitals in the world, New York City. It was established in 2005 by its sister company Gem Experience, LLC. 
  • It can be compared to GIA with consistency in its grading.
  • It is an independent gem lab that not only specializes in gemstone grading, but gemstone identification and appraisals.

EGL European Gemological Laboratory (USA)

  • EGL USA is considered to have a much more lenient scale when grading their diamonds and gemstones compared to GIA.
  • EGL USA started in 1977, but became privately owned in 1986. Its main lab is located in New York City
  • This laboratory was the first to do a grading report on less than 1 carat stone.
  • The grading reports are done exclusively in North America

EGLI European Gemological Laboratory International

  • This gem lab definetly grades its stones the loosest compared to GIA. 
  • The grading scale is approximately 2-2.5 grades higher than GIA
  • There are 8 laboratories scattered throughout the world. All of which are in diamond capitals

To conclude if you want a good diamond or gemstone reading we would recommend going to GIA. They are the best of the best. EGLI is probably the least trusted gemological laboratory in the world.

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