When Not to Wear Your Diamond Ring

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He put a ring on it! Congratulations, now you don’t want to take it off….Ladies I know it can be rather difficult to part with your engagement ring even just for a routine cleaning at your local jewelers. However there are times when you should absolutely not wear your diamond ring at risk of damaging your stone. We completely understand if you are so in love with your ring you don’t trust it with anyone but yourself.  Although, if you want your stone to keep shining bright like a diamond, its very important that you don’t wear it during these situations.

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Working Out

You go girl! Getting up and getting motivated to go to the gym can be hard for some, but for the work out junkies out there wearing your bling to the gym may not be a good idea. Its common for some women to wear their diamonds while working out as a fashion statement. Don’t let this be you. Unless you are at the gym to find a man (hopefully you have one already), you are at the gym to work out, to sweat, and get into shape. Not show off your giant diamond. For diamond jewelery, the diamonds are usually set in platinum, silver or gold which are soft to a degree. If worn constantly while participating in specific work outs be aware this can certainly alter the shape of the ring, which can eventually lead to a loss of stones in your ring. So remember that if you are engaging in activities that ensure a break in sweat, be sure to take off your diamond rings, no one wants a deformed gem!

Never wear your diamonds while working out!

Getting Ready aka Primping

Moisturizers and lotions may be amazing for your skin, however they are not good for your diamonds. If worn while getting ready, or putting on lotion after a long bath, the build up of lotions can actually alter the brilliance of the color and dull your stone over time. To ensure the color of your diamond doesn’t collect a layer of film over the top, be sure to make sure your hands have completely dried before putting your bling back on. When it comes to make up and hair spray, these are the common criminals that depreciate the value of your ring due over time due to the grime build up. The best way to avoid these grime gremlins is to take off your jewelery before you get ready, and don’t put back on until fully primped!

Makeup is my favorite!


Probably the number one rule when it comes to keeping your jewelry in prime condition, is to never ever wear your bling in the pool or the ocean! Not only are you at a bigger risk of forever loosing your gems, but you can alter the diamond and mounting as well. Chlorine is the most corrupt when it comes to chemicals. It can damage and discolor the metal in which the diamond sits, and can strip any plating that may be added on.

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Chemicals, chemicals, chemicals…. these are mostly found in household cleaning products. Products with bleach or ammonia are found in many cleaning products, these are the most damaging when it comes to your diamond color. Another factor is you are more likely to bang up your prize possession in the process, by accidentally banging it the counter surface or mistakenly dropping it in the toilet; its an easy way to damage your diamond. Although we are so happy you are in love with your diamond ring, to keep it lasting forever, make sure your taking it off in times like these!

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