Where to Splurge & Where to Save When it Comes to Your Wedding

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You just got engaged, congratulations! If your stressing over the wedding plans and money already, there is no need to worry. Walking down the aisle doesn’t mean you have to go walking into debt. Experts have determined that weddings that are planned together and spend less on the big day seem to have a longer and happier marriage. The tough part is determining on where you want to splurge and where you ought to save. We have gathered our best advise on where we think you should bust out the Benjamin’s and other areas where you can skimp out on.

Cute Party Favors for your Wedding!

Party Favors

Many weddings this generation love to indulge in gifts and lavish goods. When it comes to party favors we find them to be cute, however have you noticed that most of them are usually left behind after the after-party? We have found that guests simply just don’t care unless its a unique or interesting gift (usually its not). Your guests are there to party and most likely wont remember to grab there “Thank you” gifts on their way out. If you are just dying for you guests to take home a token to remember your big day by, consider making the Party favors edible or a DIY craft to save some cash.

Cute Wedding Cake!

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a great prop for a fun photo shoot for you and your hubby, also makes for a great center piece. However most people at the wedding other than you and your husband don’t really get to indulge in the sweet treat. Its usually a bite or two for most guests. Be mindful in this area and consider getting a smaller cake rather than something you expect everyone will eat. A dessert bar is a cute and fun way to get your guests up and mingling during the reception.

Sexy Wedding Dress

The Bridal Gown

Most girls dream of a lavish fancy designer made bridal gown to wear on her special day, but alas this is a hard dream to make come true. Finding a dress you like and in your budget is a hard and stressful piece of the puzzle, however it doesn’t have to be. If you consider looking for a dress rather then the designer label, this can save you thousands of dollars. Remember that you are only going to be wearing this dress once, so instead of splurging on your dream dress, you can save some money as well as find a unique off the rack dress that will have heads turning!

Beautiful Bouquet


Flowers for the wedding can burn a hole trough your wallet pretty fast, and when its over what do you do with them? Consider working with a florist to see if a deal can be made, and which flowers are less expensive. There have been cases in which the bride has rented flowers and after the wedding they are picked up and sent out to hotel lobbies.

Our advise would be to think about how important each detail in the wedding is to you and your husband. You can save more money when you sit down and plan it out together, spend the saved money on fun activities for the honeymoon!

Honeymoon Fund!

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