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white gold vs platinumPlatinum or White Gold?  That’s the ultimate question when it comes to deciding what metal you’re going to make your engagement ring in.  For some, the answer is easy.  Maybe you wear white gold jewelry already so that’s your go to.  White gold looks the same as platinum, but at a fraction of the cost, why not save money while you can?  Don’t worry you’re not alone when it comes to your initial thoughts about choosing white gold over platinum.  From surface level, it sounds like it makes sense, but there’s a lot more to know about white gold and platinum before making an educated decision.

white gold vs platinum

White Gold

I was like many of you all before starting my professional journey in the jewelry industry.  I thought that white gold was natural metal just like platinum.  Girl was I wrong!  White gold is actually a man-made product, it’s considered an alloy gold.  What is alloy gold you ask?  This pretty much means there are other white metals used to make white gold, like silver and palladium.

white gold vs platinum

When you see the 10k, 14k, and 18k in front of the white gold this indicates the amount of real gold actually used to make the piece of jewelry.  18k white gold mixes 75% gold with 25% other white metals to create what you know to be “18k white gold”.  Also, it’s good to take note that 18k white gold is much lighter in durability than platinum.

white gold vs platinum

You’ve probably heard of jewelry stores offering a free rhodium polish.  Rhodium is a plating used to make white gold look white, compared to its nature color which is more of a light grey color.  Rhodium of course wears overtime, which is why when you have a white gold engagement ring you have to bring it in to be serviced for a re-rhodium every 12 to 18 months. So if you are ring hunting, check to see if the jewelry store you’re purchasing from offers a free rhodium lifetime warranty.


Platinum is known as a forever metal.  Simply because overtime the metal keeps in tact and does not wear down.  In other words every time you rhodium your white gold ring you’re actually losing metal density, in comparison to polishing a platinum piece that would keep its purity for life.  Because platinum is a pure white metal, it keeps it’s bold color and doesn’t fade or turn like a white gold ring will.

white gold vs platinum

I can completely relate to those of you thinking right now “well platinum is just too damn expensive”.  Trust me it wasn’t long ago that I had the same thought.  However, when you think in terms of longevity and making a smart investment when it comes to choosing which metal for your engagement ring, platinum takes the cake.  Hands down.

white gold vs platinum

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