Why Choose A Platinum Engagement Ring?


There has been increased hype about a new trend in engagement rings, putting the traditional metal of choice into question. Recently there has been a rise in the sales of platinum engagement rings over gold rings, and there has to be some reason why. Here are some of the benefits:


  • Price: According to Forbes, the price of platinum has very recently dropped below the price of gold. Platinum, mirroring the appearance of white gold, has an advantage over the popular metal right now because of its price, which, of course,  is a main factor when it comes to picking out a ring.


  • Appearance: One unique property of platinum is its certain level of malleability and the way it can transform over time. Many platinum jewelry buyers embrace this change in appearance (a way of tarnish known as “patina”) and flaunt its originality. This gives the ring a certain token of personality to the wearer.


  • Symbolism: Platinum first appeared as jewelry in ancient Egypt in the tomb of a high priestess. The outstanding durability and strength  of the metal was noticed when it was still in wonderful condition at the time of its discovery. Because of this special long-lasting property of platinum, in terms  of engagement rings and wedding rings, it has come to symbolize the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.


With these facts out on the table, it then becomes the simple matter of asking yourself a few questions. What’s most important about an engagement ring? Price, originality, tradition? Choosing a platinum ring would be a great way to show meaningfulness about your relationship while making a statement about a trend that has really begun to boom in the engagement ring industry. Not to mention that now, more than ever, is the best time to purhase this beautiful metal because of the current state of the economy, cha-ching! Oh, you also might want to look into a reputable engagement ring financing company ~



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