Why is Gold the Best Investment a Person Can Make?

Why is Gold the Best Investment a Person Can Make?

Why is Gold the Best thing to Invest In During an economy that fluctuates so often we wonder, why is gold the only sure thing that people should invest in? Lets track back to the start of gold and why it played such an important role in society.

Gold can be stretched back as far as being published in the bible. It was said that gold was a combination of dense water and sunlight and was referred to over 400 times. The first gold coin came into existence in 560 BC and was used by the Lydians. It was actually made of electrum (artificial gold with 20% silver). After the Persians conquered the Lydians, gold coins spread dramatically. The Romans started making actual gold coins. After this gold went into a phase called “hyperinfation” which is a drastic raise in price for owning and selling gold.

In later days certain tests were done to see the cost of gold. In 1971 the United States adopted a way of determining what gold should be worth. Depending on the paper currency gold would either increase or decrease. Did you know that 80% of gold has still be undiscovered?

Once gold became a legitimate source of income the United States started to put laws on the metal. In 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt signed an executive order to ban the hoarding of gold. The punishment was 10 years in prison. The law was later annulled in 1974. The point here is that when people started to notice gold was the best way to make a living, people started wanting to own all of it. Currently the Federal Reserve Bank in New York holds 25% of the worlds gold! There is a a 5 story room with over 540,000 gold bars located somewhere within this bank.

To put it into more of a perspective in 2008 Google closed out at $307.65 per share. Apple was only selling their share for approximately $119. So in other words Google was an expensive share to buy in to. The price of gold in 2008 doesn’t even compare. In 2008 gold was selling for $866 an ounce! You can go on websites such as GoldPrice.Org and find out the daily fluctuation of gold. To this date it is the most valuable thing you can own.

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