Wild Side! Celebrities and Their Crazy Engagement Rings

When you are a celebrity, you tend to live life large. That means bigger cars, bigger houses and yes, even bigger engagement rings. When it comes to celebrity engagement rings, the motto is often go big or go home — and it better be a ring that no one has ever seen before.

Engagement Ring, 11 carat Pink Pear Cu

Anna’s Engagement Ring is a huge 11 carat Pink Pear Cut with Trillion side…

“Anna’s Engagement Ring is a huge 11 carat Pink Pear Cut with Trillion side diamonds. Fiance Enrique Iglesias and Anna purchased the ring in Australia and it is estimated to cost near $2,500,000.00. The ring was created by Argyle.” Courtesy of miadonnadiamondblog.com  

Celebrity engagement rings range from the extremely gaudy to the extremely beautiful. For instance, Kate Middleton‘s classic sapphire and diamond engagement ring (which had once been Princess Diana‘s engagement ring) stole the hearts of millions of women around the world. However, Halle Berry‘s aquamarine-colored engagement ring is considered a little too out there to be a winner by many who have seen it.

Halle Berry engagement ring

However, celebrity engagement rings can easily be looked to for inspiration when it comes to choosing your own engagement ring or giving hints to your man. If your favorite star has a princess cut ring, consider looking into that cut when you go shopping for a diamond. Or if you would like to design a ring similar to a favorite celebrity, then contact a custom jeweler to create a masterpiece that everyone will think is the real thing.

No matter what type of engagement ring you choose, be sure to find the one that showcases your style, personality and also your love for yo ur partner. It is important that your engagement ring means something and looks beautiful on you, representing yourself and your love for another. Our writers have credits from education and/or experience in merchandising, gemology, gold valuation, metallurgy and other industry related fields.

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