Would You Wear A Birthstone Engagement Ring? Part 1

Part-1-BirthstonesIt’s no surprise diamonds usually take 1st place when it comes to selecting a center stone for your engagement ring and other wedding jewelry.  However, birthstones have started to become a real contender as they increase in popularity among the ladies.  Choosing a birthstone engagement ring not only saves a couple some cash, but it allows the woman to express herself through colors that make it stand out from the rest.  Plain and simple, birthstone engagement rings are unique and special to the woman who chooses them.  In fact, many couples now are starting to choose birthstones instead of diamonds for engagement rings because they imbue a special meaning that can be treasured and exclusive to the couple. Layered with passion and sentiment that will stay with two loved ones for life.

Take a look at some beautiful birthstone engagement rings we think would make you a believer!

January – Garnet

January brings new beginning!  Garnet is the symbol of trust and friendship.  This exquisitely rare stone makes for a unique and one of a kind engagement ring.

garnet and white gold diamond engagement ringFebruary – Amethyst

Next comes beautiful Amethyst.  You may have seen this February gemstone in a variety of purple and violet hues.  Those that wear the stunning Amethyst gemstone are said to have  balanced mind.  Not born in February? Don’t let that stop you from making the perfect Amethyst engagement ring!

amethyst rings from tacori

March – Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the birthstone of March.  Rich in color and a symbol for health, hope and youth. Aquamarine makes the perfect accent stone and color for any outfit and goes perfectly with diamonds. Get carried away with these sea resembling blue hues.

aquamarine diamond engagement rings

April – Diamond

April’s birthstone is the beloved Diamond. Diamonds for centuries have been a symbol of love, which makes it pretty easy to understand why it’s been at the center of engagement rings for years.  White diamonds are a popular favorite but fancy color diamonds like pink, yellow and blue are underrated contenders.

yellow pear shape diamond engagement ring


Which diamond engagement ring is your fave?

…..stay tuned for Part 2 :)

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