Would You Wear A Birthstone Engagement Ring? Part 2

birthstone engagement ringsYour engagement ring guru guide is back with part 2 of “Would You Wear Birthstone Engagement Rings?” Last week the topic of birthstone engagement rings was explored.  Diamonds have been the symbol of love for centuries, which is how they’ve found their place at the center of engagement rings and bridal jewelry.

Now a days, women have been taking a more unconventional approach to searching and choosing their engagement ring.  Replacing the classic Diamond with a birthstone gem.  Birthstone engagement rings come with many benefits, mostly revolving around the fact that they exude layers of sentimental value and passion.  Not only are birthstone engagement rings helping cut costs down to allow couples to spend money elsewhere, they offer a unique and one-of-a-kind exclusive ownership.  Chances are if you choose the birthstone engagement ring over a diamond engagement ring, you won’t see another one like it.

In part 2, we pick up with the month of May and explore June, July and August along the way.

May – Emerald

Emerald belongs to the month of May.  Emerald’s rich green color radiates Springtime and can range in various shades of green.  Known for being the symbol of rebirth and love.  Amognst the rarest gemstones in the world, Emerald makes the perfect center stone for any girl’s engagement ring.

birthstone engagement rings

June – Pearl

The Pearl, a natural gemstone that has been popular for years thanks to their natural beauty.   Pearl belongs to the month of June.  Pearls are the only gemstones that can be found in the sea and are naturally beautiful, without needing to be polished.  Pearls pair beautifully with white, rose and yellow gold, making them the ultimate triple threat when it comes to birthstone engagement rings!

birthstone engagement rings

July – Ruby

The warm and fiery Ruby.  Rubbies are July’s birthstone and rumor has it, these gemstones are said to stir up romance, bring good health, wisdom, and wealth and success in love.  I’ll take all the above please!   The perfect alternative to a diamond, would you choose a deep colored red ruby for your engagement ring?

birthstone engagement rings

August – Peridot

August’s birthstone Peridot is perhaps one of the most unique gemstones because it is one of the few that exist in one color.  Known for bringing power and influence to those who wear Peridot, it’s also said that this birthstone instills magical powers to protect one against nightmares.  We may not have proof of these powers but we can assure you you’ll love the green and white color combo on these engagement rings!

birthstone engagement rings

Do you have any faves from these four months?  Stay tuned for Part 3 as we concluded Birthstone vs. Diamonds engagement rings.

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